With 20test™, you get peace of mind
within 15 minutes

20test™ is committed to making testing for COVID-19 as simple and as fast as possible.


Our corona self-test (rapid antigen test) is here to give you and your staff peace of mind within 15 minutes.


Find out exactly how it works below.

96.9% accuracy

20test™ identifies 92.0% of people with and 99.26% without COVID-191.

A simple, pain-free, complete kit

Everything you need is included in the simple-to-use kit.

CE certified

Conforms with all EEA health, safety, and environmental standards.

Get a result in 15 mins

Once administered, 20test™ gives you a result in 15 minutes.

1. Collect the sample

Insert the swab head completely into a nostril and rotate it five times.
Repeat this in the other nostril.

This process should be relatively painless.

Swab both nostrils to ensure that enough samples are taken.

2. Insert into the testing well

Open the tester card. On the right-hand side, there are two small wells (A and B). Thread the swab head through the bottom of well B into well A.

Ensure the tester card is laying flat on a horizontal surface.

3. Remove the adhesive tape

Still on the right-hand side, there is an adhesive tape strip. Peel the tape off gently.

Remove the tape before adding the liquid to avoid any spilling.

4. Add the testing liquid

Take the small bottle and add 6 drops of the testing liquid solution into well A. Using the swab shaft, rotate the swab twice in both directions.

Make sure to rotate the swab in both directions to ensure result accuracy.

5. Fold and wait

Take the left-hand side of the tester leaflet and fold it over gently on top of the right-hand side. Wait for 15 minutes until a result appears.

Ensure the tester card is laying flat on a horizontal surface.

Make sure that both sides are stuck together correctly.

6. Interpret your results

Positive (+)

Negative (-)


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Have peace of mind within 15 minutes with your 20test™

🎯 96.9% accurate

📄 CE certified

😌 Peace of mind

⏱ 15 min result

😀 Less invasive

📦 Fast shipping

1 Our rapid antigen test kit measured 92% sensitivity, 99.67% specificity and an overall accuracy of 96.87% during scientific trials and testing. Learn more about sensitivity, specificity and accuracy.

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